Maria Zimpel


Maria Zimpel choreographer, dance artist. She is exploring limits of physicality and creates her own dance language. Her choreographies are often modular structures based on semi repetitive movement patterns. She is inspired by various movement traditions. She draws on somatics, autobiographical abstraction and broadly understood perception in movement. She is an author of many solo and collaborative projects, such as Noish~, (2015, SBNT, Poznañ) Body and Fiction (2018, CSW/U-jazdowski, Warsaw), Space Gives Place (2020, K3 Hamburg), WATERDANCES/Yes Poems (2021, K3|Hamburg, Muzeum Susch), Motions of Revolution (2022, Kampnagel Hamburg) shown internationally.

As a dancer she worked with radical artists such as: →Rosalind Crisp←, →Isabelle Schad← and →Kat Valastur←.

Studied „Dance, Choreography and Context” at HZT (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz) in Berlin at University of the Arts (UdK), and Cultural Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznañ and the Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Her choreography „Noish~” was selected for the European Platform AerowavesTwenty 2016, and Polish Dance Platform in 2017. During the K3 residency in Hamburg 2019/2020, she combined the research in quantum physics and dance, exploring the idea of dance as an elementary force creating and transforming places. In 2021 with support of NPN-Stepping out and Muzeum Susch, she debuted with full length experimental dance film WATERDANCES/Yes Poems, in collaboration with documentary filmmaker →Claudio von Planta←. Together they explore her idea of a body as a transmitter and an ecofeminist concept of an embodied nature. Musicians such as →Bryan Eubanks←, →Wacław Zimpel← and →Holly Hock← composed music for her pieces. She continue collaborating with designers such as →Dorota Kabała← and →Natalia Mleczak←.

Maria is also a GYROKINESIS® trainer with her practice based in STUIDO Hammerdeich in Hamburg, where she is an associated artist for dance and choreographic research. Since 2021 her creative work is supported by Kampnagel Theatre Hamburg.