Motions of revolution


Motions of revolution
LOVE PROJECT is not about romantic love but about love in the sense of the energy that swirls around and within us and makes communication possible. Together with Yasutake Shimaji - former Forsythe Company dancer, videographer Claudio von Planta, composer mooryc and light designer Joanna Lešnierowska, I'm exploring the idea of the body as a transceiver and the ecofeminist notion of embodied nature. In a duet, Yasutake Shimaji and I enter into a dialogue with Claudio von Planta's film footage of weather phenomena and micro-life. We connect bodily systems with natural forces to bridge the gap between nature's intelligence and that of humans.

Without the sun's energy, life as we know it could not exist on this planet. Life on earth depends on the light and energy of the sun. LOVE PROJECT shows that everything is energy. Energy that pushes water up inside the tree trunk to nourish the leaves. Energy that enables the slime mold - a single-celled amoeba organism - to think, make decisions, and form a social body with other slime molds. The way dancers and choreographers work with their bodies is political. In LOVE PROJECT we are working for a restoration of the balance between the five elements - a balance that is necessary for our survival on this planet.

WATCH a short documentation by Claudio von Planta: Link

  • Concept / choreography / dance → Maria Zimpel
  • Dance / co-choreography → Yasutake Shimaji
  • Cinematography & editing → Claudio von Planta
  • Music → mooryc
  • Stage design → Dorota Kabała|We design for physical culture
  • Light design → Joanna Lešnierowska
  • Dramaturgy → Niklaus Bein
  • Costume → Ko_Ruho
  • Programming → Xenia von Planta
  • Production manager → Sina Rundel
  • Light realisation → Lars Rubarth
  • Video mapping → Francis Eggert
  • Stage manager → Marian Regdosz
  • Artistic assistance at the stage set → Sina Brüggemann
  • Graphics → Anna Nowokuñska
  • Special thanks to: Uta Engel, Jan Rybkowski, Jadwiga Zimpel, STUDIO Hammerdeich
  • Curator → Melanie Zimmermann

LOVE PROJECT Maria Zimpel production in cooperation with KAMPNAGEL Theatre Hamburg and Art Stations Foundation CH by Grażyna Kulczyk / MUZEUM SUSCH

Funded by the Free and Hanseatic City of HAMBURG, Department of Culture and Media.

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK Coproduction Funding Dance, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

  • Premiered at Kampnagel Theatre Hamburg 25.05.2023

Photography → Claudio von Planta